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7 January, 2004 (18:45) | Personal Update

forgot to mention that i no longer have a car at my disposal. J’aime had said that her and Dan wanted to sell it when they ended up moving to PA later on this year, but J’aime’s car broke down last week, and it would cost over a grand to repair, so she took Dan’s car back. I knew it was coming, and it was a luxury anyway. I don’t need a car for what i am doing now, all i used it for was getting groceries, driving to work so i dont have to wait for a bus late at night, and going home when ever i wanted to. As a Pitt student, i get free bussing anywhere in the county, so i can easily make due. And since i don’t go into TouchTown normally, i will just have to borrow a car, or try and figure out a bussing route to get there. No real big problem.

I had a pop quiz today in Russian fairy tales. what the crap. it was on the syllabus. even more what the crap. i got a perfect though. nice way to start off the semester, i feel like i can do great things now. or, maybe not.

does anyone have a Xanga profile here? i noticed that they were listed as a referer to here, which means some one linked to me on their blog for some reason. i cant find out who it was though, or where they linked. just curious i guess.

I added the high scores block to the left, enabled some features like search, private messages, webmail(check your outside email from here), and a calendar, which is pretty cool, and you can add dates and stuff to it if you like. I also changed the logo, let me know what you think about it.

well, i am off to Cornerstone, i guess everyone else who is in college will start back monday, so spend the remaining time you have on break wisely. by playing a game or something 😉


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