Personal Update

a note to end it all

22 April, 2004 (16:25) | Personal Update

blarg.  no one wants to go to concerts with me.  matchbook romance may 1st, jimmies chicken shack the 6th.  i am there solo if i have to.

so i am going to delaware tomaro for the weekend with bob.  we have decided to not spend the whole time at drews, i want to go to philly, i have never been there.  and he wants to go to the beach.  should be entertaining.  i am taking my camera, hopefully i will remember to use it.

gotta clean out my closet.  literally.  all kinda of crapola in there.

so um, the shoutbox is borked.  something about the new server it doesnt like.  i will work with it later next week. 

i threw out some resumes this past week.  we’ll see if anything bounces back.  they usually don’t.


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