taxes are…well…taxing.

15 April, 2004 (02:34) | Ramblings

seriously.  WTF?  I just don’t get it.  In this day of technology, why aren’t taxes obsolete?  just friggin take the money out of my paychecks and be done with it.  YOU take care of it Mr. Man.  don’t try and make it easier for my with this teletax, or e-file.com garbage.  because that is what it is, garbage.  I should have to click a button that says “yes, i am alive” or “click here to do your taxes” and that is all.  fin.   none of this “enter your school district’s unique ID number you can find in the back of this 30 page, recycled paper that even homeless people would wipe their own butts with.  who cares????    Why the CRAP is this a necessity.  boggles the mind i tell you.  I am in college, I pay $14,000 a year, and you are telling me I still have to do taxes?  and i have to do them?  And i have to send all that info back to the college????  WHY AM I THE MIDDLE MAN!??!?!  that is all taxes are.  IT isnt like they ask us personal information in our tax forms, like “how do you feel about your job”  or “have you had sex in the past 3 months”  no.  It’s all facts.  numbers even.  all obtainable through either our employers, or some other means.  And don’t pretend that there aren’t any other means.  They can easily get a hold of credit card information.  How about save all the money from printing these $#@@^%$^@$% papers…time out.  why the crap is that a link???  I can’t even psuedo swear without my phrases turning into links anymore.  what is this world coming to. anyway, how about they save all the money from printing costs, mailing and distribution costs, paying the people that man the phones for telefile, and all the “tax helplines” that suck becuase they arent 24-7, They arent operable after 7 pm, which is when most people are doing their taxes.  Some people have jobs you know.  wait, what am i saying, ofcourse you know some people have jobs, IT’S RIGHT STINKING THERE IN OUR TAXES!!!  UGH! people, work with me here.  Why do my employers send me forms?!?!?  another GREAT waste of our natural resources that i like to call plant life.  Lives are being taken for taxes.  the lives of trees.    Trees are especially because they create oxygen for us to breath.  And being able to breath is tax deductable.


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