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23 July, 2004 (01:39) | Personal Update

well, its been a while.  i was supposed to go to PSU this past weekend and help serah move her crap back home, but I ended up not going, and my mom and J’aime went out friday night and came back early saturday morning.  fun fun.  I regret not going though.  Since i was home, i was working on the dragon game, and ended up causing a terrible thing to happen.  Long story short, we had to roll the game back to 2 weeks prior.  we had nearly 1000 accounts friday.  After the restore, we stood at 577.  So i promoted quite a few players to help out, and we set out to restore all accounts that sent in what their stats were before the crash.  So that is what i spent MY ENTIRE WEEKEND doing.  i didnt go to sleep until saturday morning for like 4 hours.  then a little bit later on.  I was so dead without the help of those that dedicated their time to bringing everything back up to date.  the game sits aboce 800 accounts now.

I start at mellon Monday, day shift.  I will be working twice as much as i am used to, but also making twice as much.  Should be interesting.  Thanks to Barb who made it possible.  She also got me the position at cobweb, which i would be no where without.  I have never found a job on my own, or got a job from a head hunter besides pitt helpdesk.  dairy queen, iomega, cobweb, touchtown, and now mellon, i got all from networking.  Chris says he is just the opposite:)  But that’s chris.  who, by the way, has some MP3s in the download section now.

starting at mellon monday means i am not going to Yankanuck with the family though.  The only thing to do up there is fish, and i am not a big fan of fishing.  I was kind of wanting to go and take my laptop, and just writing out the deck or something.  Yankanuck is a marvelous place, i’ll be sure to try and round up some photos.

anyway, its late, i just got back from walmart buying a salt and pepper shaker and some silverware.  fare thee well.  I leave you with 2 of my favorite things joined together in harmony.  a guitar and legos.


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