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29 December, 2004 (06:06) | Personal Update

What a weekend.  Spent friday night at becky’s family’s and ended up falling asleep there on accident.  wasn’t even a good sleep, but good enough not to leave until 10 am christmas day.  then did the christmas jig at my mom’s for the rest of christmas. 

Ended up going over my dad’s house for the first time in 7 years on sunday for christmas lunch and presents with his side.  had a good talk with my uncle about all the stuff going on too.  That house is in so much trouble, you can’t even begin to imagine.  the roof leaks, exposed floors, walls, exterior, ceilings, everything.  That house was built by family in 1885, and it has really gone down hill so terribly bad, you can’t even recognize it as a livable house.  and it still pains me so bad to think that it, and the property that we’ve had since the revolutionary war, may be in jeopardy.

so monday we met with my dad’s attorney (and i got a parking ticket during the meeting…grrr) and some good topics were covered.  there is so much that needs to be done, and that is just what i am able to see.  I have no involvement at all with finalizing his business being bought out.  J’aime says it’s a mess, and i believe it to be worse (by means of the legal things, talking to external people, getting money, making sure everyone else gets their money) than what needs to be done with the house.  But it’s hard to say really, all we have done with the house is take a few antiques out of it.

My dad left us with nothing but clean up duty from his life style.  over 60k in debt, a 55k mortgage on the house, and nothing for us to cover it with.  not only that, he took his inheritance from my grandmother already, so that’s gone too.  I have now idea how he functioned day to day, with the headstrong attitude that he did, knowing full well what trouble he was in.

so i will be spending a lot of time on this stuff, i am sure, and probably for quite a while too.  Thoughts and prayers are needed, and if you have a grand or 2, donations are welcome.  send them to the “Harry Hall had so much debt and now his kids have to clean up after him” fund.

so anyway, at work today and tomorrow, and hopefully friday off for a 4 day weekend.  and i’ll need it too.  my apartment is a wreck with all the crap i brought back from home too.  hopefully get that squared away tonight.  so much to do, so little time.


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