riddle me this, riddle me that.

2 April, 2005 (08:46) | Dreams

had an interesting dream last night. I was at a doctors office with 2 friends, and the three of us were having a conversation with the doctor. somewhere in the conversation, the doctor tried to make a joke, and then punchline was, “you know what they say about the a doctor’s wife.” the three of us looked at eachother confused, and said that we didnt know what they said about doctor’s wives. the doctor (who was female) acted surprised we didnt didn’t get it. She said, “You know, their names.” We were clues less. She kind of laughed, and said she wasn’t going to tell us, and she was going to make us figure it out. She handed us a bunch childrens book and said to read through them to find out the name of a doctor’s wife. So we started to look through them, looking for a girl name that would make some sort of sense. One of my friends said to atleast tell us what letter the name started with. The doctor said Z. So we started looking through these childrens books for girl names that start with Z. After a short time, i left my 2 friends and went somewhere else, still trying to think of a girl’s name that starts with Z. Shortly after i came to the other place, I got the answer. It was either Zacheus’ wife or Zachariah’s wife. I think the joke was trying to say that wives of doctors are usually known by their husbands accomplishments.

I just thought it was so strange that i gave myself a riddle in my dream. now that i think about it, i guess zachariah or zacheus hold no relevance, so it is a stupid riddle that only i would have gotten anyway. eh. And incase anyone noticed the lack of details that are usually present in my dreams, there were plenty of them. They were all a little too personal, irrelevant, or weird to put in.


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