No more pickles at hard rocks

8 May, 2005 (18:44) | News

I had lunch at the hard rock cafe in philly on saturday. I try to go to them when i am in a city that has one. I ordered the bacon cheeseburger. when i got it, there was no pickle spear. I asked the waitress nonchalantly for a pickle, and she immediately responded with “we don’t have any.” I guess i was in shock, and just accepted it. After she left, i wondered how she knew without even checking in the back. So i asked her, and she said that all hard rocks have stopped serving pickles because no one was eating them. I asked how long this has been going on, and she said for 2 days. I can’t imagine a place deciding not to offer pickles with their burgers. so, i am asking you all to sign the petition to bring back the pickles to burgers at hard rocks everywhere. I would think they would at least have some on hand for people asking for them.

i also ask that you pass this along.


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  • Runering

    what thats crazy! no pickle in my burger, there’d be murders, murders i tell you!

  • Nephthie

    Mmm, very meaningful.

  • Runering

    there be much deep insight in my previous comment