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wake me up when september comes

20 September, 2005 (15:05) | Personal Update

Threw up last night at 2am. Havent thrown up since i was like 12. so i stayed home from work today. Dunno what’s going on with my body. It might be the weight loss thing. this morning i woke up and weighed myself, and i was 192. at the beginning of the year, i was around 210. It’s been a lot of running and working out, but also a lot of diet changes. to be honest though, i havent been to the gym for 2 weeks or something, and i’m still losing weight. maybe i have worms. i just seem to be on a downward spirl now.

I can’t seem to turn off my head for the past few days. Been thinking about love and life and the future and the past. I watched another richard linklater movie, before sunrise. I feel so stupid for not knowing about it until recently. It was made in 95, and sets up the story for before sunset, another great movie. i dont think i should be allowed to watch movies like that alone though. I have so much i want to talk about after watching them, and no one to talk to, so i just go insane inside my own head until i pass out.

school sucks.

my manager went down to new orleans since he’s in the national guard. i have no idea when he will be back. things are worsening at work. I just want my bachelors. i just want my bachelors. i just want my bachelors.

the house doesnt have the northwood realty sign in the yard anymore. that might be a sign of it coming up for foreclosure soon. or it might not.

i’ve got a lot on my mind.


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