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short term memory loss for the win!

19 December, 2005 (15:05) | Personal Update

wow, a lot to update i guess. I can’t remember the last time i made an update, which is actually a nice intro to the next topic…
This past weekend, my family and I went up to Nemacolin to do some snowboarding, spa stuff, and just hang out. It was a great time. Saturday, Mike, Keren, Deirdre, and I went snowboarding. Mike and I hadn’t gone for a few years, and Keren and Deirdre have never gone aside from a few times down the hills at my mom’s house on my snowboard. Taken into account that the entire slope was a solid piece of ice, we were all doing pretty well. Close to when we were going to call it a day, Keren and Deirdre went to turn in their equipment and Mike and I were going to race one last time. I don’t anything of that race. I remember about a second’s worth of standing at the bottom of the slope and watching a snowmobile towing a stretcher sled behind it. I vaguely remember the lift guy saying something to me about not having my board on my feet, and I just told him i was done after i got back up to the top. Halfway up the lift, I “came to” and was totally freaked out. I felt like i was waking up in a dream. I remembered watching keren and deirdre snowboard, and I knew mike was somewhere behind me, but i had no idea how i got there, or where i was, or what the date was. I started trying to figure out what happened or what i could remember. I couldn’t remember the date, so i looked at my watch. I wanted to say i was at seven springs, but i kept thinking about it and remembered I was at nemacolin. I got off the lift and sat on a bench by the lodge. I knew mike should be coming soon, and when he came over to me i said, “Mike, we have a problem, I don’t remember how i got here.” Keren and Deirdre came over sometime during that and i was like nearly in tears because i was so scared. So after all is said and done, I must have fell somewhere and hit my head on the ice. Mike said he passed me on his way down, and i was sitting down adjusting my bindings. he said shortly after he got to the bottom of the hill, some other kid on skis wiped out hard near the bottom of the slope. He ran to the lift booth to tell them to call for a paramedic, then he went to go treat the kid for shock. I guess sometime during that I must have somehow made my way down the hill, and mike said i was even responsive when he was telling me about the kid, and that his leg looked like it was broken. So, what happened to me will remain a mystery. I don’t remember much until we got back into the hotel room. Even then, i was a little out of it for the rest of the night. I should have gone to the EMT at the slopes, but I wasn’t lucid enough to make that decision. The whole night, and sunday, I was constantly testing myself to see what I remembered of what just happened. I am not sure if i am just more aware of what I remember now, or if i really do have some other brain damage. I thought I was fine yesterday (sunday), minus a terrible headache when i woke up and an entire body full of aches and pains. The paranoia of not remembering anything is still slowly fading, although, this morning, I was an hour early for work. I don’t know if that is a sign of true memory problems or just my own incoherence in the morning to tell what time it was compared to what time i needed to be at work. So, I’m still a little scared, but I think i’m alright.
This past tuesday, the 13th, marks one years since my dad passed away. Things with the estate are still up in the air. Emotions still wild between us and Robbie and my uncle. Lots of issues with finances, lawyers, creditors, contractors, etc.
so besides that, done with school this semester, not sure how i did yet, hoping for 2 As. My last day of work is wednesday, then i am off until the second, granted I don’t get screwed covering for new years. Still got some major Christmas shopping to do.
I saw King Kong last friday, and i was a major skeptic leading up to it, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was very well done. Everyone kept saying, “oh, peter jackson this, and peter jackson that” and i was like, yeah, he did lord of the rings, which was fabulous, but you know what he did before that? Meet the Feebles. talk about a resume builder. I have such a distaste for pop-culture.


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