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4 January, 2006 (15:05) | Personal Update

I want to post an update, but i’m kinda at a loss. I’ll just ramble. Christmas was fun, i was back at my mom’s a lot spending time with the family. got my cousin’s old golf clubs, thinking about trying to learn. feeling very sluggish recently. i want to work out for muscle this year, gain back the 20 pounds i lost last year, but make it a SOLID 20. not sure the best way to go about that though, so i’m just doing sit ups, pushups, and i might go get some weights to do curls. school starts back up next week. 3 classes, at $1,200 each. mellon reimburses me, but that’s going to blow a big whole in the 5k limit for the year. car transmission is dying. i hate cars. it’s alright for short trips to the grocery store for now though. i need to start thinking about replacing it. I kinda want a dodge ram. played civilization 4 a lot this weekend, kinda hard to play during the week since it takes atleast 4 hours to get through a game. great game though, certainly on par with civ2, a few things i’d like to see more/less of to say it’s better definitely, but it could very well prove to be better. really feeling down right now, for known reasons, but i’ll keep them locked up in a heart shaped box for the time being. lease is up in february for the apartment, but i’ll probably just renew it. works a drag without my friend kevin, who left for YWAM. i had 2 bottles of rolling rock beer and 2 glasses of champagne on new years. first time i ever drank. went out to some bars with my friend travis and dallas. drinking was actually a disappointment. i didn’t feel anything, didn’t feel more social, didnt feel happier, beer didn’t taste like anything, bad or good, still hate the bar scene, still hate second hand smoke, didn’t feel any different after drinking. probably won’t do it again unless i’m doing it for social reasons. ie: trying to to get a girl. i’m lame. i’m different. i’m done.


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