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she’s a brick house…and she’ll make me broke

27 January, 2006 (15:05) | Personal Update

yeah….so remember that house that i wanted to buy a year ago? I put a bid in on it yesterday. I’ll hear monday if i get it or not. It just came back up on the market at the begining of the month. I saw it, and the water damage was not that bad at all, one small pipe cracked in the basement rafters and sprayed water all over the drywall there. looks like it just needs replaced, nothing wrong structurally. I wanted to be able to lowball the bank with an offer and have them counter, but there apparently is another bidder, so the bank most likely will just take the highest bid. I ended up bidding 5k above what i wanted to bid…kinda feeling a little taken and a little regret on that…but we’ll see. It’s going to be a tight tight tight tight budget for a while if i get the house. There’s lots of pros and cons and unknowns and hoops and loops and this and that involved and still to go through, but, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

school isn’t too bad so far. online class is just busy work for a few hours on sundays, the class that meets on thursday is the same professor that i had last semester for the class where I/we had class 3/8 weeks, so i am hoping for an easy A again.

going back home this weekend to work at the estate and the park. I gotta get some kind of sign up for the park so people start calling and making reservations for the season. J’aime and Keren went over to the estate last week, and they said the roof is leaking really bad. I am hoping to get some tarps this weekend and get up on the roof to fix it. Hopefully it won’t be too cold and hopefully we’re able to do everything that we want to.


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