to the UK and back

14 March, 2006 (15:05) | Dreams

good night for cool dreams last night. I dreamt that I was living in new york, and it’s like 2010. I was going to london for a vacation, and my flight left late at night, and i got out of work early, like noon. So instead of going home and waiting around for my flight, I jumped on this tunnel/train thing. It had a name, but i forget what it was called. Basically, it was a train that went through the atlantic ocean and arrived in London in about an hour and a half. And it only cost like $20. The plan was to just hang out for a few hours there and then go back for my flight with all my stuff. So i got through and called my friend to meet me and i met up with other friends that were there.

now, the second part of the dream probably stems from reading about the philadelphia experiment. Apparently back in the 1940’s, a big navy ship was teleported from philadelphia to virginia, and when it got there, crew were embedded into the hull of the ship and stuff. It’s all about electronic camoflauge and stuff. So back to the dream, I dreamt that I was talking to a guy about me taking that train and how cool that was and how i never knew about it before. He then told me there was another way to travel, but I had to be sworn to secrecy. He was like a government guy, and said that i could never tell anyone about what I was going to see, atleast not for 9 years, because after that, it becomes declassified. So he takes me out with a few other people out in the middle of no where, and there’s this big circular stage like thing about 30 feet in diameter. he tells me to lie on it. after a few seconds, I start to float around, next thing i know, I’m going down a slide in new york, like i got teleported there and landed on this slide to help my fall. I’m hoping that it was a dream…I don’t want to break a promise to some government guy that knows how to teleport people…


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