6 December, 2006 (06:21) | Ramblings

Bank of New York “merging” with Mellon. This is going to impact me personally, financially, career wise, and impact the city as well. How? I have no idea. And if i did have an idea, i still would not be allowed to talk about it. Freedom of speech exists only in the free world, not in corporate america. I was glad to see and hear a lot of announcements related to the news, mellon financial foundation will increase charitable donations from 2 million to 4 million. that should help the area. it also sucks that they’re moving the HQ though. I was glad to see the stock jump almost $3 too. That’s good. Too early to tell with a lot of things. Not what I had been hoping for though. I had been hoping for Mellon to start buying other smaller businesses. I’ll keep you posted.


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