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Ants go marching.

5 March, 2007 (05:51) | Personal Update

off the boot and back to 90% normal. Still can feel the ankle being a little weak, but i like to push it. Probably try and run a little later in the week. Not working out for the past 2 months is not good!

Ticket bought for italy with the family. I’m flying over wed may 16th and leaving saturday the 26th. during that time, i plan on taking a trip to paris and london as well since it’ll be so cheap to do so and i won’t want to spend so much time in italy. I’m excited!

took a road trip with friends to philly this weekend to a beer fest. Not really my scene, but we ended up having a really great time. Lots of friendship bonding and such. I need to get a camera. I wanted to wait until right before italy, but as soon as i pay off money that i owe to the estate and to j’aime for the italy ticket, i’ll get one as soon as i see the need and a good deal.

Rachel met my mother and Deirdre last wednesday when we went back home to see Deirdre as Mame in the musical Mame. So much talent there. It was weird seeing Rachel hug my mother though……..heh. Hi mom 😉

One of the new housemates, craig, moved in yesterday. Pretty cool dude. He just proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years over the weekend too. Both are from Morgantown, transplanted to chicago, and now moving back. Craig will stick around til at least sometime april as they both find new living quarters, and I’m glad to have him/them. The other dude, Alex, has an architecture internship from march 17th-june 17th, and he’ll live across the hall from me. ’bout time that room got some good use.

I’m just sitting here thinking how fast money goes down the drain. since i’m not taking classes this semester, my school loans picked up payments, then i have the truck registration and inspection coming up, estate money i owe, tickets to italy, doctor bills from the ankle, blah blah blah. Why am i always feeling like i live paycheck to paycheck? I shouldnt have that.


  • leuco

    Didn’t seem wierd to me. Hope not to Rachel either. You’re just too awkward about stuff like that.

  • leuco

    Didn’t seem wierd to me. Hope not to Rachel either. You’re just too awkward about stuff like that.