i’m getting stupider

5 June, 2007 (02:46) | Ramblings

this has really been worrying me as of late.  I’m getting stupid.  As in, disconnected from a common sense or awareness that is normally expected of me, by (at least) me.  Here’s a few examples:

1.  Rachel and I wanted to see a movie.  Two theatres offered the movie we wanted to see at 7:15pm, and one of those also had a 9pm showing.  We decided we wanted to go see the 9pm showing, even though that theatre was 30 minutes away, while the other theatre was merely 5.  Later in the day, we decided we’d instead go for the early movie.  I looked on my blackberry to confirm what time the movie started at the second theatre.  We ended up getting there ~20 minutes late, and when we went to buy tickets, we were told that the movie stopped playing there yesterday, so the webpage must have been out of date.  So, I was stupid because there was no reason for making the trek out there since we were going to see the early show.  It was a waste of our time, and ended up wasting our night.  I was, and still am concerned, beyond embarrassed, that I didn’t have the sense to realize we could (should) have gone to other threatre.

2.  Out to lunch with Rachel’s family.  I order a steak sandwich.  We’re all talking and such when the waitress brings me out a burger.  I do not have the sense to realize that this is not what I had ordered.  I begin preparing the burger as if i had ordered it and partake.  a few moments later, Rachel’s brother, already enjoying part of his meal says something along the lines of, "this burger is more like a steak sandwich."  BAM, reality hits me.  I’m terribly ashamed.  How on earth did i let this happen?  I swear I’ve been able to maintain a higher calibur of common sense before this. 

3.  I can’t remember anything that i’m doing, or anything that i’m supposed to do.  I email myself daily, "call this person, bring tissues to work, do your homework, etc"  from work to home and home to work to remind myself what i need to do.  just now, i had logged into my credit card page to make a payment, switched to do something else, and then get a pop up message that says "your session has been inactive for 10 minutes, you will be logged out automatically."  10 minutes have gone by and at the time of that message, i actually forget that i had even logged into the site at all.

I’m 24.  Using national statistics, I’m about a third of the way through my life.  Using geneological statistics, I’m about half way through my life.  If I’m to assume it’s all down hill from here…I am not looking forward to the future.


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  • Runering

    maybe instead of hair growing out, it is growing inwards?

  • Runering

    maybe instead of hair growing out, it is growing inwards?