September 11th, 2001

11 September, 2007 (22:48) | Memories

i woke up at 9 o’clock for a 10am calculus recitation. just went about my normal business, nothing out of the norm. got to class about 9:55, and no one was there. then 2 people walked in. and all 3 of us were wondering where everyone was. then 1 guy walks in and sits down and says "did you guys hear what happenned in new york?" we just said no. he said that someone had flown a 747 into the world trade towers. i audibly laughed and said "dude, do you even know how big a 747 is?!?!? there is no way, those are the biggest commercial planes, that is just insane." and he said "well it was one of those planes anyway, maybe a 737 or something." so he lost all credability in my mind by not getting the facts straight. 10:10, our prof showed up, and she said, in her ukranian accent, "go back to your dorms, class is cancelled." and she confirmed that someone had indeed flown a plane into the towers. got back to my dorm, found out that another one had hit. filled my hard drive with 2 hours worth of footage from CNN.  Jackie Mattassa was going to Penn State and her and I were IM’ing back and forth and she said some kid had a heart attack in the commons and died. His parents worked in the towers.