let the bodies hit the floor (exhibition floor that is)

7 September, 2007 (10:05) | Pittsburgh

the Bodies exhibition is coming to the carnegie science center october 8th.  If you haven’t heard about it, you need to be a little more cultured.  It’s quite the topic for a few reasons.  The first would just be about the exhibit itself, how remarkable it is to see the human body disected like this in such well preserved fashion.  There’s nothing else like it.  The jenkos saw it down in DC and they said it was amazing.  The second reason it’s been so talked about is the origin of the bodies.  There are criticisms that the bodies are part of an underground Chinese body and organ harvesting community, where people’s bodies are just taken and sold without any paperwork or family notice.  Because there is nothing illegal about how they are obtaining the bodies, they are allowed to say it’s legal, despite how unethical it may seem.  1 lady even resigned her 11 year position at the Carnegie Science Center after it was released that they would be hosting the exhibit.  It is certainly creepy to think that these people did not volunteer their bodies to be used for this purpose.  You can read what the post gazette has about the exhibit here.


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