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Queue: Get in line.

19 December, 2007 (22:16) | Thoughts & Ideas

here’s an idea for a video game i came up with in the airplane.  I call it "queue."  Basically, it’s a sim crossed with lemmings.  The idea is to manage people in lines in different scenarios.  Each scenario would have a prize for passing it and that prize could assist you in later levels.  Perhaps you could chose which level you wanted to play first and have levels unlocked at certain points in the game.  I always liked that about megaman, that you could chose what bosses to fight, and then use their suits later on.  Anyway, here’s a few levels I came up with:

  • School field trip to the museum – you have to get all the kids through the museum without them breaking off from the group.   You can place a security guard, 2 shaparones, and some rope lines.  Maybe have doors that need to be opened and closed.  If you pass, you get a gift shop to place in your future levels.
  • Concert – manage lines to the bathrooms, mosh pits, signature booths, tshirt huts.  when you win this one, you get a security guard, or maybe a tshirt booth.
  • the mall – during holiday season, watch for purse snatchers, people carrying so much stuff they block the walkway, too many couples walking too slowly side by side, too many unattended kids, etc.  for this one you’d get a mascot or person in a costume, like santa.
  • the airport – get people through security, make sure they know how to get to their gate, make sure they don’t take over sized bags, etc.  and this is where the inspiration came from, there are those little car things with conveyor belts on the side that will load the luggage onto planes.  those things are friggin sweet.  So you’d get that one for a prize.  I thought it would be cool to sneak up behind people with that thing and ram them so the fal on the conveyor belt and then you’d turn it on and they’d freak out.  Funny stuff.

the lemmings idea comes in because you’d have to place stereotypes of people down and have them go through your set up.  idunno, i’d play it.


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