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history repeats itself: The best way to teach history.

9 December, 2007 (20:27) | Thoughts & Ideas

So I’m supposed to be writing a research paper right now about the internet as a new media, and how we’re utilizing it as a learning device.  That’s all topical and that, but the underlying reality here is that we’re repeating history, and I’m not too sure how many people realize that.  Kids are staying home and learning from the internet and/or their parents.  Families always taught their kids themselves a hundred years ago.  We’re letting children pick and chose what they want to learn based on what they want to achieve and what they’re interested in.  In other words, we’re going back to being practical about what we’re learning about.  What better way to keep a child motivated.  Let’s put the focus back on the child as an individual.

And I think that’s where the innovation of the school system failed.  Instead of breeding big thinkers, inventors, innovators, and revolutionaries, we’ve created the mass produced person!  Thank you Eli Whitney.  People today are cut, pressured, glazed, and offered up on the shelf of the nearest walmart.  Perhaps we thought that "growing" people alike would minimize conflict because we’d all be alike.  We’d all fuel the economy because we all want to buy the latest clothes or CD from the latest American Idol winner.  Everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t I?  BECAUSE IT’S STALE!  Creativity inspires creativity, and this single file lemming society is destroying human innovation.

I don’t think we knew this from the beginning though, or at least I’d hope not.  The conspiracist in me wants to say that the government keeps school funding in place as a shepherd to it’s sheep.  I can’t blame them either, we’d kill each other with our differences, the entertainment industry is what weaves us all together and connects us as people.


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