Save-a-lot might be coming to the Hill District

28 January, 2008 (14:25) | Pittsburgh

Save-A-Lot is going to have breakfast with some city officials tomorrow at the Grand Concourse down at Station Square.  Looks like is completely separate from the arena talks, which really might sweeten the deal if the peguins are going to chip in something.  They turned down starting a store in 2004, but a lot has changed in 4 years…

 If there was a grocery store on my way home…I might actually eat.  I eat once a day currently, if that.  I go grocery shopping once a month.  The biggest problem is that i have to eat all the perishables with a week or two of purchasing them.  If there was a grocery store on my walk home where i could pick up some fresh peppers, tomatoes, and fish and such, I’d do it every day.  I would definitely take up cooking as a hobby if i had that resource so close to me. 



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