ABC Family and Disney promote high school violence

17 February, 2008 (02:43) | Ramblings

So it’s midnight, we’re flipping through the channels and we come across "Heathers".  I have never seen the whole thing, so we continue to watch it.  We start watching right when Christian Slater and Winona Ryder give cleaner to her friend to kill her.  Then we see them shoot 2 football players and make it look like a gay suicide.  The we see cops smoking marijuana in their car.  We see a few other suicides and murders, and it all ends with Christian Slater taking dynamite to the highschool and planning to kill everyone in it.  Half way through, we realize we’re watching the ABC Family channel.  WTF.  Who is the program director there?  Do they not care what they show after midnight?  Surely this can’t be good for Disney’s image.  What reason could they possibly have to air that?  Out of all the movies in the world or special tv movies, they chose heathers???  Someone is sick or disgruntled.  I smell lawsuit waiting to happen.  It wasn’t even censored much.


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