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The little things you do.

22 April, 2008 (14:10) | Thoughts & Ideas

I’ve always been taciturn, but usually that’s because I’m too busy watching any analyzing.  Sometimes I get a kick out the little things that people do, not because they need to or even want to, but because they’re conditioned to do so.

when people sneeze, perfect strangers will still say a variation of "God bless you."  From what research I remember, this has roots back into Egyptian cultures when they believed the soul escaped from the nose after death.  This is why the Sphinx has it’s nose broken off; grave robbers would break the nose so that demons and spirits could not come out and haunt them.  So saying "God bless you" seems like a polite thing to say, but it just seems like something so strange to do.

The camera of the yesterday was based on expensive and limited film cartridges.  People had to carry rolls of film, and if someone walked infront of your shot as you took a picture, they just wasted a picture, and if it was the last picture on the roll, you had to change it out, wasting precious time.  With digital cameras, that are so quick and easy to use, cameras are able to hold thousands of photos, and if you mess a shot up, just take it again.  So many people still act like they killed my cat if they walked infront of my shot.  It’s cool, we live in an age of technological innovation!  It should still be considered rude to walk infront of a camera, but don’t worry about throwing your back out trying to duck below the shot.

Chivalry in the workplace just doesn’t work.  Do men really need to let the lady in the elevator first?  that leaves you in front of them and if they get off before you, they have to fight around you.  That’s stupid.  How about we all just get on the elevator and be on our way?  At the end of the day, let’s just get off the blooming thing too!  The door will not close on me, so you don’t need to hold it awkwardly as I walk out. 

Sometimes people need tradition for the sake of tradition, or something familiar.  It’s a little unnerving at times.