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Getting away with murder

6 May, 2008 (15:10) | Thoughts & Ideas

Debt cannot transfer to anyone but a spouse, correct?  The way it worked when my dad died was that those that were owed money from my dad could come after his assets, such as his house, by placing a lien on the property.  So what happens when someone is single and has huge amounts of debt, but no assets?  I’m just trying to see if there is a flaw in the systtem to abuse, and it would seem that a smart dying person would by all kinds of gifts and non titled/deeded items for people on credit cards, selling all their assets and giving that money away too, and there’s nothing creditors can do about it.  Another situation would be the value in dead people’s credit cards.  Maybe it’s a little too dimented for some to contemplate, but I’m surprised more old folks aren’t held captive in their houses, a few online orders made and shipped to their house in their names, and then the robbers leave untraced.  right?  This isn’t common, right?  Even some crooked in house nurses could be doing this with ease.

  I dunno, I’m just thinking ahead, really.  I’d love to max out credit cards a few days before I die and give the stuff away to charities and such and no one has to pay for it.


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