Friday 5

It’s not my time

12 December, 2008 (16:23) | Friday 5

  1. When did you last sleep in a bed outside your home? – hehe, umm…the night before last?  SCANDAL!
  2. When did you last drive someone else’s car? – Hey, my truck is in the shop!  >:(  I have been driving Kallie or Deirdre’s car a lot.  I need my truck in all this snow though!
  3. When did you last cook in someone else’s kitchen? – Define cooking.  I think i helped a little here or there with dinner at Kallie’s last week.
  4. When did you last care for children who aren’t yours? – That aren’t mine?  that scares me.
  5. When did you last do someone else’s job? – If we’re talking strictly work/career, than I have no idea, because no one knows who does what anymore!  As a project manager, it’s just my job to make sure it gets done!