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Don’t you want to ride in my survival car?

3 January, 2010 (11:29) | Thoughts & Ideas

When I see abandoned cars along the road or in vacant lots, or even really rusty old heavy machinery and such, I want to steal them.  I had always thought it’d be fun to have a flatbed truck, drive up to these vehicles, and just take them.  Take them to the recycling center for some extra cash, or just stack them somewhere in a big pile for fun.  When I passed basically a parking lot of a half a dozen rotting vehicles the other day, I had a new idea.  When you take the vehicles, just go and leave them in the middle of a street somewhere, or just parked in a parking space somewhere in the city.  That will get the owner’s attention and start taking care of it.  

It reminded me of a story where some neighborhood with an HOA put a boot on his car right outside his house because you weren’t allowed to park cars on the street there.  He ended up getting a car mover dolly and moving the car in his garage.  The boot company said he stole their boot, and he denied it and said that they are welcome to take it anytime want.  Pretty funny read…