Run, Run, Run

7 September, 2010 (22:42) | News

Thank you so much for your gifts and your words of encouragement, Everyone!  We’re about a month away from the race, and I’m getting stoked.  It’s not here yet though, and that’s good because I haven’t met my goal yet!

I’ve had a few people tell me that my goal was too low, and to get people involved, they needed more of a challenge.  I did say more than $1000…but since we’re half way to the race, it seems fitting that the goal is to reach $1500 total, so we’re already more than half-way there!

I forgot to share a video from last year that my friend made of my friend Tim and I doing the race:

Men’s Health: 2009 Chicago Urbanathlon from Adam Mudrick on Vimeo.

if the embedded video doesn’t work, you can watch it here:

I also wanted to let you know that the ministry is holding car washes this Saturday, Sept 11th at the Busy Beaver in Century III and in Crafton.  Feel free to stop by, get your car washed, and see all the people that come out to support the ministry.

You can make an online payment with paypal by clicking on the “donate now” button on
You can mail your checks to:

Living Ministry
2536 Maple Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15214

Again, thank you to those who have already donated and thank you so much to those who replied back to me with encouraging words and support in the race.

Peace, Love, and Ambition,