Hall's Rules of Social Order

Hall’s Rule of Social Order #203

14 March, 2011 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

Talking in public restrooms should be avoided at all costs.  You have a job to do, and you should be focused on your task.  Talking across stall walls is completely forbidden.  That’s just weird for everyone involved.  Yes, talking on your phone counts as talking across walls.


  • philmatt24

    I heartily agree. Unfortunately, at my office there’s no such policy, and people carry on conversations the whole time. One guy was recently criticized for failing to answer his new blackberry. He said he was in the restroom at the time, and was told that he “has that phone so that (he’s) available at all times” and that he should have answered…. there is no emergency great enough that it cannot wait until one’s business has been completed – what’s he gonna do from in there, anyway?