Wax Poetic

Lost in a metaphor

27 October, 2011 (12:00) | Wax Poetic

I’m like a car

Once you get me to start

I’ll take you near or far

Just keep refueling my heart.


Cars are like birds.

Achieving speeds so fast

Able to make the sharpest turns

but if not alert, it crashes into glass.


A bird is like a child

They’ll go anywhere without a reason why

Startled by anything they heard

Eager to start the sun’s renaissance


A child acts like a bird

Chirping, looking for a response

Be it in a cage, or running wild

They have the potential to fly.


Birds act like cars

They can go for mile upon mile

In formation above a highway with others

In beautiful design and style; all the while.


A car acts like me.

Sits there silently, waiting for someone

Waiting for someone with the key

The key to life, love, and fun.