And I’ll react when faces find you

10 November, 2011 (12:00) | Memories

My friend Ashley used to be super politically active.  Maybe she still is, not sure.  Prior to the 2008 election though, she was working as a volunteer for Barak Obama’s campaign.  He had a stop planned for somewhere in Ohio, perhaps Youngstown, and she wanted to go, but didn’t have a car.  I had my truck, and I was up for an adventure.  I never claim to be involved in politics, but I was certainly intrigued by Obama, and I had been doing a little bit of homework.

So we filed into a packed college gymnasium to hear his speech.  I couldn’t tell you what he said now, but I remember appreciating his charismatic ways.  After the speech, Ashley wanted to get close enough to shake his hand or talk with him.  I wasn’t all about that, but I stood with her.  As he’s making his way down the line of people, shaking hands, taking pictures, signing autographs, he ends up taking a book from a girl and signing the cover.  I watched this happen and then the girl kind of lost position as Obama’s posse kept moving him along.  He looked for the girl, but couldn’t find a way to give her the book back.

I caught his eye.  I definitely stood out in the crowd due to my stature.  I gestured for him to pass me the book with a lower lip curl, a head tilt, and a flip of my hand.  His eye brows raised and he motioned the book in the girl’s direction, confirming my intent and our understanding.  He handed me the book as I reached above the head of the guy in front of me.  For that split second, we carried the weight of that book together.  I took the burden of the book from him, and then gave it to a very excited college girl.  She immediately thanked me and flipped open the cover to see what he had penned.

I thought I was just going to give Ashley a ride, but I ended up helping the president complete his duties.  Go me.