I dig the black girls, oh so much more than the white girls

3 January, 2013 (12:00) | Dreams

I had a dream where Kallie and I were in New York City eating with the owner of some restaurant with a camera crew.  Somehow, we had won the opportunity to be on some reality travel show and meet this owner.  While we were eating, Kallie looked at me and said she was going to be late, that she had to be “there” at 2:00 PM and it was now 2:32 PM.  I was a little frustrated that she let it get to this point, but I jumped in to action and asked the owner if he knew the fastest route to Pennwood and Fifth Avenue.  He didn’t have a clue, but Kallie said it was really easy to get to and I started following her at a jogging pace through a back alley.

As we ran, we encountered a group of 5 or 6 male teens who I assumed were also going to the same place and we needed to get in front of them to beat them there.  As the alley zigged and zagged, I told Kallie to follow me and we basically parkoured through some building windows, fire escapes, and ramp railings to get in front of the teens.

We came to a top of a hill, with a few trees spotting a clean cut hillside.  At the bottom was a road, which I recognized as Fifth Avenue.  Slightly to the left, along side the road, was a white building with no windows, kind of resembling a gymnasium.  As we went around to the front of the building, I knew that we were at Kallie’s American Idol auditions, because I had hadmyauditions in the same building a week or so prior  (I actually do think this was another dream I had previously).  So we enter the first large room, that is half the size of the building, and approach the registration table.  Kallie’s all set and we move into the second room, which is dimly lit and set up like a gym with a stage in the front.  It’s pretty empty, considering the event, with maybe 60 people standing or sitting around the room with a few folding chairs scattered around.

At this point, Kallie no longer looks like Kallie.  She is instead a 6’7″ African American woman, who has to be near 300 pounds.  I still have this sense of loving her so much and being so proud of her.  She got up on stage and sang this super energetic and soulful song, just like some diva.  As she was performing, some 40 something blonde homely mom came up to me, said her name was Susanna, and she recognized me from my audition and thought I was great.  She also introduced me to her mini-her daughter, named Susanisha, or something similar.  It was a little awkward.

My mom ended up showing up and bringing Juliette.  My mom then yelled at me for not paying the $5 to get into the audition room.  I dismissed her by pointing out that no one cares and they weren’t enforcing it.

I wish I could say this was one of my weirdest dreams.


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