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gallery and pacman

2 December, 2003 (10:50) | Site Update

Well, i think pacman is fixed. Don’t put a space in your username when you submit a high score.

there is also a new survey on the right, let me know what you think.

I put up a gallery!! please post as many pictures as you wish, and everyone try to use it and give me feedback with any suggestions or problems you face. Thanks!

Personal Update

life in general

30 November, 2003 (17:49) | Personal Update

Ugh. I am Josh Hall’s bleeding desire for meaningness. anyway, Thanksgiving break was alright. not much of anything went on really. Mom went to DC friday, Keren and Deirdre left friday, and i worked all day Sunday. I am definitely going to change my major now. i have talked to a lot of people and they all say the same things i do. a lot of people leave CS for the same reason i am going to leave. but the question is to go for a business degree or IS degree. i dunno[shrug]

Pacman’s high scores are b0rked. i dunno how to fix them yet. i deleted all the scores, but that didnt work, all other games seem to work fine. i’ll try a few other things.

playing a game called Kings of Chaos online. I get a solder everytime you click my link. so please do so once a day:) Thanks. if you REALLY want to help me out, do the same for everyone under my name here

Personal Update

Happy “Thanks give me!”

27 November, 2003 (03:09) | Personal Update

well my sleep behavior is probably the worst it has ever been. I stay up til 5 am, wake up at 10, and still can’t go to sleep before 2 am. I dont know what it is. If i let myself sleep naturally, i always sleep for atleast 10 hours though.

just surfing tonight really, sent an e-mail to the future me. Hopefully i will still be able to get it. Pretty cool idea if you ask me.

As far as me, and what i have been up to…not really too much, Touchtown is going well, they offered me a full time position, but i didnt take it. Haven’t been going to classes. My mood is good though:p Silly Serah was wishy washy on coming in, but she didnt. and i decided to go to dinner. I will let you all know how that went. Happy turkey day!

Site Update

New Features!

24 November, 2003 (01:54) | Site Update

Went crazy trying to add some new features to keep you guys busy, and keep you coming back. so here are a few of the things that i have come up with.

  • Retro Games! that keep high scores!
  • the Google search feature on the lower right
  • the shout box in the lower left where you can type whatever you want with out having to register
  • Radio stations to listen to, if you register, you get access to a special station *wink wink*
  • registered uses will be able to access my movie database too, just to see what i have.

that is it for now, still working on a few other features, and adding to the links collection. Thank you for checking the site out!


New Song and Poems!

21 November, 2003 (21:16) | News

I put up tons of poems, just about all of them are there. A few got held back:) Also recorded a new song!

Personal Update

Top Gun

18 November, 2003 (00:30) | Personal Update

high dee ho people. 21 came and went. only a few people cared to notice, and i thank you all for that. Really means a lot to me. especially in the funk that i have been in recently. Still not alcohol for me though.

keren is a short concert pooper. she wanted to leave early from the concert cuz we were out too late. What is that?!?! Relient K rocked, and made me laugh. Just what i was looking for in the night.

Just got word that Serah is dissing us for Mike for thanksgiving…I guess i am alright with that, but he better be for good. none of this, I love/hate/love/like/hate stuff anymore, k Serah? my mom also invited a student named Tirza to dinner….she is from afar, so she doesnt have any family to go to….ugh, i hate HAVING to feel fine with this just because it is the holiday. I know, i know, i feel heartless, but i just want to be with my family. i think having her there would just be a distraction and we would spend time trying to include her, and fill it with small talk, rather than a good ol’ family get together. but heck, serah isnt going to be there, turn our house into a city mission right??

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