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Migration from old site

24 October, 2003 (16:40) | Site Update

Well, it will be a lengthy process, but I am going to move all the cool links and such from the old site. Once everything is onto this site, i will change the url to point to this site, and the old site will be lost forever.

Site Update

Forums are up

22 October, 2003 (15:05) | Site Update

Ok, the forums are up, check them out at and be sure to register!

Site Update


22 October, 2003 (00:00) | Site Update

Once you log in you can select themes and change how the website looks if you don’t like the way I have it right now. So far, ony 2 skins are “branded”, those being new_bluev2 and kaput. feel free to use any of the themes in there though. Enjoy!

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