Hall's Rules of Social Order

Hall’s Rule of Social Order #47

2 May, 2011 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

your key chain should be smaller than your open hand.  Meaning, if you can’t hold your key chain in your hand because you have too many stuffed animals, gizmos, pictures, cell phones, keys, toys, mirrors, shiny things on it, you have a problem.

Wax Poetic

You Drive Me Crazy

28 April, 2011 (12:00) | Wax Poetic

I’m hugging a pillow
But I wish I had my arms around you
The road winds around a mountain
And I enjoy the never-ending view
The farthest peak seems so far
But you’re beyond them still
And if I could drive that distance, I would
But a car will never get me there

I’m listening to the mix tape I made
Between the road, tires, and my mind, a serenade
The symphony of rubber meets asphalt
The harmony of driving without halt
They all intertwine to form a musical epic
And I’m living in that moment
Because it’s the only one there will ever be.
And it’s along the way to destiny.

The wheel and my stomach turn
Along these back roads and high hopes
The tachometer becomes my time piece
And it ticks away as I dream
With both hands on the wheel, I’m not moving
But everything around me is whirling by
And I see the exit out of the corner of my eye

Big green signs dot my highway
And display names of places that I’ve never been
To meet names and faces that I’ve never seen
And I’d do that, on my stop for dinner
But I’d only stay for a little while
Wanting to get back on the road; on my way
Seatbelt fastened and ready to drive
Moving like the dead, but feeling so alive.


Say my name, say my name

27 April, 2011 (20:32) | FYI/DIY

If the royal family were to be outed tomorrow, for whatever reason, what would their last names be?

As of 1917, it seems to be Mountbatten-Windsor, which is pretty much made up any way.  Technically, any of them can chose whatever last name they want.  King George V created the name in the first place.




HGTV GREEN home give-a-way 2011

26 April, 2011 (12:00) | News


Vote often!  Invite me when you win!  It’s outside Denver, Colorado this year.  You can also enter twice a day this year if you use the frontdoor.com site as well.


Hall's Rules of Social Order

Hall’s Rule of Social Order #46

25 April, 2011 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

lanyards go around your neck, ie: they’re not to hang out of your pocket.


Me and my black girlfriend

21 April, 2011 (12:00) | Dreams

I had a dream Kallie and I went to California to visit her family. Only, her family was an african american family. She had 2 half brothers and a half sister. Kallie is a halfrican. It was weird. They were throwing a picnic for us, and Kallie hadn’t seen them much, and I didn’t know much about them. I kept thinking, “I don’t remember these people at our wedding. I wonder if they even came.”

Kallie was joking around with her half sister, saying that Kallie’s dad was back in down, and her mom overheard and said, “wow, I didn’t know he was back in Michael.” As if the town they lived in was Michael, Ca. I didn’t realize until after I woke up that Michael is the name of Kallie’s biological dad. Anyway, the whole time it was very awkward and I wondered why Kallie kept in touch with these “siblings” because she obviously had nothing in common with them but an african american mother, that wasn’t even all that nice to us.

I woke up thankful for my mother in law 😉