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Strangers when we meet

5 September, 2008 (12:03) | Little Things

As I was walking to work this morning, a late 20 year old guy was washing his cadillac, and I intently made eye contact with him, waved, and said hi to him.  Not entirely characteristic of me, but he was close enough to be my neighbor, so I wanted to be neighborly.  As I was […]

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People are walking in the Hill District

22 April, 2008 (10:05) | Pittsburgh

Throughout my years of living in the Hill District, I’ve noticed a few cultural trends on pedestrian behavior.  One is just to stand around on the corners of Centre Avenue with nothing to do but watch people drive by or make obvious glances at women as they walk by.  This happens 24 hours a day, […]

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CAUTION: How to know if an email forward is legit or not.

12 February, 2008 (14:34) | Ramblings

Yesterday, someone sent me (and a bunch of others) an email saying that cell phone numbers were going public and they had to call some number to make sure they were added to a do not call list.  I got another email from someone else that said that there is a state wide speeding ticket […]

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air bus

12 May, 2007 (02:47) | Dreams

this is the most lucid dream i’ve had in a long time.  So i’m taking the bus somewhere.  The bus actually varies a few times from a 15 passenger van, to a charter bus, but this is a minor detail.  The seat layout was consistently like a 15 passenger van, bench seats, isle way on […]

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smart roads

30 April, 2007 (19:21) | Thoughts & Ideas

When are roads going to start using technology?  Right now, they’re just poured concrete.  Technology could make them safer, better, easier.  They could make GPS navigation more efficient.  If sensors were place on the edges of roads, it could detect a car slowly getting off onto the shoulder to replace a tire, and maybe something […]

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People to do and things to see

13 November, 2006 (15:40) | Personal Update

Things to do over my 12 day birthday weekend… Personal Development Make at least 1 life altering decision Became a organ donor Work out at least 3 times…1/3…FAIL! Become 24 years of age in mind, body, and soul…It was achieved a few times, feeling pretty good DO NOT SLEEP IN!…SUCCESS! Do something you’ve never had […]

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