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Living is simple

24 February, 2009 (15:16) | Dreams

Last night I had a dream i was asked to speak infront of my old college ministry group, Cornerstone.  I have no idea why they chose me, but it was my present day self talking to what I would assume to be current students.  I got up and was so energetic and excited to talk to everyone.  I […]

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Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor.

12 July, 2008 (22:57) | Personal Update

Really, I have to give it up to my body for the past month or so.  It’s been through a lot, especially in the past week!  I have poison all over my legs, probably have some sort of sinus infection following a cold a week ago, and I’ve added a weight routine inbetween days of […]

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Bladder problems at the boy scouts

3 July, 2008 (14:06) | Memories

Yay, I’m secure enough in my adulthood to tell this little gem.  Maybe a testament to my social awkwards, maybe a propellant of my social awkwardness…who’s to say, either way, what a childhood.  So I was in scouts as a kid, and really had a great time all along.  If I remember correctly, I skipped […]

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The little things you do.

22 April, 2008 (14:10) | Thoughts & Ideas

I’ve always been taciturn, but usually that’s because I’m too busy watching any analyzing.  Sometimes I get a kick out the little things that people do, not because they need to or even want to, but because they’re conditioned to do so. when people sneeze, perfect strangers will still say a variation of "God bless […]

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Question on ethics: I’ve got a new way to walk. WALK WALK

20 March, 2008 (14:07) | Thoughts & Ideas

So, I’m pulling out of Giant Eagle Market District in Shady Side, making a left onto Centre Avenue.  A black prius is turning into the lot, and stops to let me get out onto the road first.  A guy is loading groceries into his car across the street and there is an asian woman standing […]

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18 July, 2007 (14:28) | Memories

New category!  sometimes weird memories pop into my head that are usually pretty funny or very truth telling of what really happened.  I’ve had 2 of these recently, but for the life of me I can’t remember what they were.  I’ll try to keep this category geared towards entertaining stories.  I can see how I could […]

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