Pittsburgh Penguins logo in LEGO bricks

11 May, 2010 (20:43) | LEGO© Creations

I was inspired to recreate the Pittsburgh Penguins logo in LEGO bricks on Sunday.     It took about 2.5 hours from start to finish.  I started off with just making the yellow triangle in the back to figure out what scale I would be able to achieve with the pieces I have.  I knew I wanted to make it a […]

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The kids are alright

3 January, 2010 (23:14) | Thoughts & Ideas

Watching J’aime’s kids the other day, gave me an idea.  I call it KidCom.  It’s a device, much like a watch, that your kids wear. In it’s simplest form, it just has the time on it and you can set alarms on it that say things like "1 hours before Daddy gets home", or "it’s […]

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Lose yourself, lose yourself.

31 March, 2009 (13:59) | Personal Update

Updates have been few and far between around here!  I can’t remember the last time I did a personal update, but i don’t think it’s been this year!  I was trying to make an update at least once a month before.  Let me see what I can recap for you… The wedding plans go well.  […]

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I need a psychiatrist because of my psychiatrist

2 January, 2008 (10:55) | Memories

When I was around 7 or so, my parents decided to split.  I don’t remember particularly why, but it was decided that J’aime and I both needed to see psychiatrists as a result.  Actually, I don’t remember if J’aime started at the same time as I did or not, all I know is right around […]

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long time no type

23 July, 2004 (01:39) | Personal Update

well, its been a while.  i was supposed to go to PSU this past weekend and help serah move her crap back home, but I ended up not going, and my mom and J’aime went out friday night and came back early saturday morning.  fun fun.  I regret not going though.  Since i was home, […]

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