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Help Josh (not?) embarrass himself.

27 April, 2013 (23:44) | Personal Update

Help.  I’m registered to run the Pittsburgh marathon’s 5k this Saturday, May 4th for The L.I.V.I.N.G. Ministry.  Fact is, I’m terribly out of shape.  When I signed up, I didn’t know we’d be expecting another baby in November.  I didn’t know we would be moving into a new house.  I didn’t know we’d be getting […]

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Kallie in Cali – A lonely husband’s log – Day 2

21 December, 2011 (21:58) | Personal Update

Today didn’t go quite how I wanted it to go.  I lost structure and got distracted and demotivated a lot.  We’ll see if I can get better for tomorrow. 7:30 am – Wake up for an 8:00am workday start from home Noon – quick jaunt to the local post office to send off some last […]

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Run, Run, Run

7 September, 2010 (22:42) | News

Thank you so much for your gifts and your words of encouragement, Everyone!  We’re about a month away from the race, and I’m getting stoked.  It’s not here yet though, and that’s good because I haven’t met my goal yet! I’ve had a few people tell me that my goal was too low, and to […]

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Support Josh and the Living Ministry

10 August, 2010 (19:21) | News

If you’re not familiar with the L.I.V.I.N.G Ministry, it’s an organization dedicated to serving the homeless and needy in the Pittsburgh area.  They have a few outreach programs that range from a large clothing drive event in the fall, job fairs, preparing breakfast for labor hall workers at 5am, Bible studies, and the biggest is […]

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