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movies and weather

9 December, 2003 (00:44) | Site Update

I put up a fairly detailed weather block to the right. let me know what city you are in, and your city code, and i will add it there. I am looking for one that will default to each user’s location, but i haven’t found one yet. I am working on getting the movie database […]

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7 December, 2003 (16:18) | Personal Update

Well to start off, sorry for breaking the site back there 🙂 everything should be operational now. let me know if you have any problems. Yesterday i was lazy. just bummed around the apartment until Becky called, and then we went out to Red Lobster and to see Cat in the Hat. I was in […]

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Visitors from the great unknown

3 December, 2003 (23:21) | Personal Update

J’aime and Dan slept over my house tonight since they were visiting Dan’s mom with her surgery. So far everything seems to have gone well, no signs of paralysis as they had feared. well, i am officially the “tech leader” for Cornerstone now. Should be cool. I have no idea what my responsibilities are yet, […]

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life in general

30 November, 2003 (17:49) | Personal Update

Ugh. I am Josh Hall’s bleeding desire for meaningness. anyway, Thanksgiving break was alright. not much of anything went on really. Mom went to DC friday, Keren and Deirdre left friday, and i worked all day Sunday. I am definitely going to change my major now. i have talked to a lot of people and […]

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Top Gun

18 November, 2003 (00:30) | Personal Update

high dee ho people. 21 came and went. only a few people cared to notice, and i thank you all for that. Really means a lot to me. especially in the funk that i have been in recently. Still not alcohol for me though. keren is a short concert pooper. she wanted to leave early […]

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another week bites the dust

14 November, 2003 (16:51) | Personal Update

well i made an announcement on Wednesday for the Cornerstone forums and so far we have 8 members:) I am hoping more people will catch on. My german candy is about half gone. that is some good stuff:) Yesterday I went into Touchtown (my second job) and gave some troubleshooting tips to everyone there. Hopefully […]

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