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Pittsburgh Steelers Logo in LEGO bricks

7 June, 2013 (21:38) | LEGO© Creations

The same person that wanted the Pittsburgh Penguins logo asked if I had anything for the pirates or the steelers. I mentioned the pirates mosaic and the steelers helmet in lego, but he wanted it in less than a week, and I wouldn’t be able to recreate either in that time. We settled for a […]

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Steely McBeam become Pittsburgh mascot

9 April, 2008 (15:37) | Pittsburgh

When Steely McBeam was first announced as the new Pittsburgh Steelers mascot, he was meant with some resistance.  Perhaps his latest DUI is just a sign of dedication to how he fits in our city’s social atmosphere.  He likes to drink just like us!  I’ve always said, "Pittsburgh is a drinking town with a football […]

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