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Pittsburgh Regatta and sand scuplture

28 June, 2011 (15:05) | Pittsburgh

If you’re in Pittsburgh this weekend, make sure you check out the Three Rivers Regatta!  The Regatta is always a blast and this year there’s a huge sand sculpture!  of course there are fireworks.  There are always fireworks in Pittsburgh. http://www.flickr.com/photos/divinehammer42  

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Hall’s Rules of Social Order # 257

27 September, 2010 (12:00) | Hall's Rules of Social Order

There should always be a point or objective to arguing. Arguing for the sake of arguing or even pure self entitlement is just silly and possibly destructive. If you can’t offer a potential resolution on your own, or if you can’t think of something the other side can offer to resolve the conflict, then you’re […]

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hidden tattoo

20 October, 2005 (15:05) | Ramblings

i want to get a tattoo in a place that i can’t see, like my upper right shoulder. Something small, red, and something original that i come up with. a variation of a cross or something. The point is, for me to get it without anyone knowing, and me forgetting about it since it is […]

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Migration from old site

24 October, 2003 (16:40) | Site Update

Well, it will be a lengthy process, but I am going to move all the cool links and such from the old site. Once everything is onto this site, i will change the url to point sixf00t4.ath.cx to this site, and the old site will be lost forever.

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