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life changes with all the life changes.

22 August, 2007 (17:51) | Personal Update

Moved rachel out to cleveland this past weekend.  It’s only a 2 hour drive or so, so the distance thing isn’t really bothering me too much at this point.  Sure, i don’t get to see her everyday, but they say that distance makes the heart grow stronger…or is it fonder?  both?  I forget how it […]

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eerie estate

12 August, 2007 (04:48) | Dreams

It’s present time, and me and my sisters are over at the estate doing random work inside the barn.  Keren’s boyfriend, Robbie, is there as well.  He and I are loading some bags of garbage into the back of the my truck.  Keren and my mom are around too, and we’re talking about me forgetting […]

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18 July, 2007 (14:28) | Memories

New category!  sometimes weird memories pop into my head that are usually pretty funny or very truth telling of what really happened.  I’ve had 2 of these recently, but for the life of me I can’t remember what they were.  I’ll try to keep this category geared towards entertaining stories.  I can see how I could […]

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and update for the sake of update

12 July, 2007 (11:23) | Personal Update

dryer broke.  got it free from jaime last year and cost me ~$120 to get installed and working.  Now it will cost me $40 to get a used one off craigslist and another $50 probably to have someone hook it up since it’s gas.  After this new one goes though, i’ll hopefully be able to […]

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I hate vending machines

19 June, 2007 (13:02) | Ramblings

they’re horribly expensive, all they have is crap in them, and at least with the machines at work, it’s all old food.  I bought a nestle crunch bar yesterday because it had a "win a million dollars" game going on, and i felt lucky.  Seriously, i usually go for the nutrigrain bar, but i honestly […]

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i’m getting stupider

5 June, 2007 (02:46) | Ramblings

this has really been worrying me as of late.  I’m getting stupid.  As in, disconnected from a common sense or awareness that is normally expected of me, by (at least) me.  Here’s a few examples: 1.  Rachel and I wanted to see a movie.  Two theatres offered the movie we wanted to see at 7:15pm, […]

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