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Who will dance on the floor in the round

2 November, 2012 (12:00) | House Ideas

Much like sidewalk in Michael Jackson’s video for Billy Jean, I always wanted some cool walkway that lit up.  I saw this show up in a friend’s facebook feed and thought it was awesome.  It might be a little much for a driveway, but I could definitely enjoy a nice little walkway around the side […]

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interactive pool table

25 May, 2012 (12:00) | House Ideas

I don’t want a house full of gadgets, but I do want some cool conversation pieces that set it apart from other houses. I definitely want a pool table.  this would be great –  It’s a computer based effect that tracks pool ball movement across the table.  You’ve probably seen this technology before.  I […]

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Throw the chairs into the fireplace

7 September, 2011 (12:00) | House Ideas

I want a huge fireplace.  big enough to stand in.  A walk in fireplace.  Something you can have a bonfire on.  I don’t want to have to bend over and hit my head on the mantle.  Oh, and the mantle should be awesome too.  Ornate, or just big and awesome as well.

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Chocolate Salty Balls

1 April, 2011 (12:00) | House Ideas

Ball pits are awesome.  Maybe I could tie in a play room that would have the ball pit and the soft cushy surface there.  Surprisingly, I think the balls for ball pits are pretty cheap, and I don’t think a room would be all that difficult to make  The only thing I would see is […]

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Everything’s alright. Stuffed animals are always right

3 February, 2011 (12:00) | House Ideas

I don’t know what the fascination is, but I really like over-sized stuffed animals.  I think that the attraction to bean bags and other large soft cushy surfaces are coming from the same neurological wiring.  I’d love to have a room with a huge couch or stuffed animal surface place thing area.  Yeah, you know […]

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I remind myself of somebody else’s song

10 December, 2010 (12:00) | House Ideas

I want to “rebuild” something in the house.  I’m not sure whether it’s just a room that is a replica of another room of a house I lived in, or a famous room from somewhere else, like the Whitehouse.  At Winterthur and Nemacolin Woodlands, they have areas where the walls are actual storefronts so the […]

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