Memorable Quotes

It only takes a minute.

13 March, 2004 (15:36) | Memorable Quotes

“It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, it takes an hour to like someone, it takes a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.”

– From Josh R’s AIM profile

Personal Update

i got nothing

13 March, 2004 (14:50) | Personal Update

my mind is blank. all i did the past few days was work. I saw twisted thursday, that wasnt too bad. I have been puting A LOT of work into legend of the green dragon. got about 60 people playing now. I am working with a few other developers on a castle, that should be really cool when it is done. LotGD has become one of my favorite hobbies now. The code writing is very easy, and you are just limited by your imagination.

not too much going on this weekend. havent decided what i am going to do yet. for some reason the power went out last night. I hate when my computer has to go through the disk check when you restart after a crash.

maybe i should clean my room. maybe go out with bob. maybe come home and hang out. i dunno. it’s too much trouble going home. i have to wake up at 6 am to come back with Chris if i go home. that sucks. especially because i have to go right to class from the T when i do that, i dont get to stop at the apartment at all, so i have to take all my bags and crap to class. oh well. andy kicked my arse in snake, maybe i will try to get my score back. I have pretty much given up on tetris Adrienne is the tetris Queen. and i bow down before her.

speaking of the queen, she always ends her updates with a quote or something worth while, so i am going to try and do that too:) so for today, i leave you with….[drum roll]…the etch-a-sketch guy.

Personal Update

spring break-my foot off in your @$$!

10 March, 2004 (21:51) | Personal Update

what a crazy week. and it isnt even over yet. working from 4- midnight does a number on you. Monday i woke up at 9 and went down to Wheeling to get my teeth inspected by “Dr. Dan.” No cavatities here. i havent seen a dentist in like 6 or 7 years. i was surprised. then Dan’s boss took us both out to lunch with his wife, really nice people, and Dan seems to be very happy there. I would be too. so when i got done there, it was time for work.

then tuesday i woke up, did some cleaning, then back to work. And ofcourse, when you get off work, you can’t just go to bed, you have to stay up to 3 am. especially when bob calls you from D.C. at 2 am and tells you he is bored.

So i woke up at 7 today, did some work on NSSLife’s email server, met up with Adam for some basketball in Oakland, then some grocery shopping:) i am always making the best out of situation ;) then back here for work!!! still 2 more days of 4-12 too.

one thing i have been doing at work is working on the dragon game. i got like 50+ people playing, and i am just writing and adding mods for the game like crazy. getting a lot of positive feedback for it! definitely my new hobby.

been feeling pretty good too. the doc has me on something called lexapro. good stuff:) and i leave you tonight with some nostalgia.

Thoughts & Ideas

seeing the words you were blind to.

8 March, 2004 (20:44) | Thoughts & Ideas

have you ever learned a new word, and then heard it all over the place?? It is just such a weird thing. It makes you think, have i been hearing this word the whole time, and just never paid any attention to it??? can it really be coincidence?

for those of you who have never noticed this, i will share my most recent experience. So i am helping out with the website for a band called SoulPatch. When i first heard their name, i was thinking like a patch sewn onto someone’s soul. I was sitting around with the band, and one of them jokingly said that they should all grow soulpatches, and that the female lead singer should have to wear a fake one too. judging by their hand gestures, i gathered that a “soulpatch” is that little patch of facial hair under a guy’s lip. and if that is all the facial hair he has (not a gotee) it is a soul patch. so i learned something new. then, an hour later, i went out to get some food with a friend. It was Ash wednesday, and we were talking about seeing people with ashes on their foreheads. I said that i had met with an older guy who is nearly bald that i hadn’t seen in a year, and from a distance it looked like he had grown a new spot of hair on his forehead. not a second later, the cashier said, “ha, kind of like a soul patch on his forehead.” what the crap.

Personal Update

home again, home again jiggity jig.

8 March, 2004 (02:26) | Personal Update

my mom and tirza picked me up from work at 2 am saturday to bring me home. I wanted to go to cleveland this weekend, but no one wanted to go with me. :( i feel crappy about working everyday over break and not going anywhere, and i had sunday off, so i thought cleveland would be a great weekend getaway. apparently others didnt think so:(

all my sisters were together for a little bit this weekend. not too often that happens. J’aime and Dan are trying to get a house in washington. should know by tomaro what is going on with that. speaking about tomaro, i am going down to Wheeling to see if i have any cavities, and if i do, dan is going to do something to them. i havent seen a dentist in like 6 years. I hate dr. birch…

serah, jaime, dan, tirza, and my mom and i went to the mattress factory saturday! rock on! the mattress factory rocks my face off. James turrell rocks my face off. if anyone wants to go, let me know!!

pretty uneventful weekend besides that, called over Adam’s today to see if he wanted to jam, but ended up getting the 3rd degree from foxy roxy for being truent a few weeks ago:) adam had gone down to DC to hang out with brady. he was in the same boat as i was about break. he wanted to go to Rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland to see the U2 exhibit, but we did some surfing on the site and found it wasnt there any longer. so there went that idea. so this week i got work 4-12 every night. gotta makes some money. i wrote a check for $1,000 to my mom the other day. how cool is that. i can write checks for a grand. totally cool. Keep Bob’s mom in your prayers.

Thoughts & Ideas

do you see what i see?

4 March, 2004 (02:58) | Thoughts & Ideas

This was an original thought about 6 years ago or more, but then i found out someone had already thought about it. :(

the colors we see, through our eyes, how can we be sure other people see the same colors? maybe what is green to me, is really a red to you. but we have learned different names for the same color. you may think an red grass and a purple sky sound weird and unnatural, but maybe that is what someone else is used to, and that is what we base “natural” on.

so one argument is that the way the spectrum is layed out, colors cant just be switched with another, meaning there are lots of different shades of colors, and inbetweens involved. just like when you take a negative of a picture. when you invert the colors, you see a lot of blue and green and black. certainly no one can see that normally and still be able to think we all see the same colors.

enter color blindness. maybe color blindness is just the case above. it is the case when the colors are “switched” in such a manner that the colors can not be fully seen. until we have the ability to look through other peoples eyes, without the use of our own eyes then we will never be able to tell. it may even be the case that our brains interpret the color differently. and it has nothing to do with our eyes at all.

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