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Most unique bands

27 March, 2004 (13:56) | Top 10

10.  Presidents of the United States of America
9.  Rage Against The Machine
8.  Dashboard Confessional
7.  Dave Matthews band
6.  The Urge
5.  Cake
4.  Beck
3.  The Squirrel Nut Zippers
2.  Soul Coughing
1.  Bela Fleck and the Flecktones  

Personal Update


26 March, 2004 (19:38) | Personal Update

havent posted since tuesday!  what did you miss??  nothing.

I went into Touchtown today, took the bus in.  good times.  We just brainstormed on marketing ideas, and getting the documentation helpful for people signing up, and just a few other odds and ends. 

users playing the dragon game doubled this month compared to last month, so all the steps in keeping me under bandwidth were still not enough to keep me under.  Sil is so generous!  i am going to ad a banner on the dragon index for players to click, so i can give him atleast something.  anyone know any other ways to generate revenue?

I didnt get to do any writing or recording that i wanted to do this week.  kinda upset about that.  and i didnt clean my room or the apartment.  speaking of which, mike took it upon himself to find a new place for the fall, he won’t be going to pitt anymore, so he wants to find a different place.  Kudos for him.  Now i can carry through with my search for new aparment mates.  Emily messaged me today and said she didnt think that other apt was going to work out, so we just need one more person and we are good.

Andy is in for spring break.  i told him he should come up and hang out tomorrow.  Bob may even come down and hang out with us.  that would be a nice event if it happens.

Jordan owen is a pimp.  and that is all i have to say about that.

I forget to add something noteworthy to the last message, but this one is worth two.

Picking your nose is healthy and good for you


mexican hairless

23 March, 2004 (04:09) | Ramblings

my hair is falling out.  the top of my head is thinning.  the sides are still full and growing.  ‘ts bad.  I am a 40 year old.  beer gut and man boobs to match.  notice the new survey.

Personal Update


21 March, 2004 (11:47) | Personal Update

I got inspired to write the past few days, and have a few ideas for novels.  I am going to work on them.  I know i have said that before, but i am going to have some spare time, and it is something i want to do. 

I also started working on my material for stand up :)  I am going to get a good set going and then go down to open mic night at the funny bone.  just because i want to do it.

haven’t really had a taste to do much of anything this week.  rooms a wreck, need to go grocery shopping, apartment needs cleaned, all the usual crap.  Hopefully i will get some energy this week.

Looks like Adam will be going to Cal in the fall :-  and Emily might room with me, she has another place that is cheaper, but if that doesnt work out, or it is too bad to bare, she said she will.  still got to find another person though.  Any takers?

Personal Update


18 March, 2004 (00:37) | Personal Update

so much to say, and not a single word i can utter.  So much on my mind and not a single sound on my tongue.

people drive me crazy.  why do i have to be a bad guy for being a nice guy????

went to cornerstone.  totally wasnt feeling up to it.  Jordon otto asked me to go to the soulpatch show afterward.  so i did.  got back at 1 am.  i had a good time, even though i didnt really talk to anyone, or do anything.  it was good to get out. 

watching soulpatch play made me really want to just get my music together.  just record it and finalize it.  I want to do that.

i feel like crap.  forcing myself to eat.  sleeping tons.  no drive.  no motivation.  no energy.  just crap.  one thing that brought a smile to my face this week though, was nintendo nostalgia.

Life Long Goals

words and definitions

15 March, 2004 (22:41) | Life Long Goals

It has long been one of my goals to create a word, and have it used publicly.  i want to say, “i thought of that word.”  maybe see it in the dictionary, or see it used on tv or in a movie.  just to know that something went from my brain, to someone else’s ears, to their brain, to someone else’s ear, and so on and so forth, and the chain grows and grows.  there have been a few ideas for definitions and words.  i wanted to use biligualisms as meaning when you use two different languages in one sentence.  like “hola, how are you today?”  there are some others, i will add them here as i think of them


Winter and i were talking, and i said “moce” and i thought that it looked like a word.  and that it kinda looked like it would be italian.  but we couldnt think of a definition for it.  so i decided to moce (moe say) will be defined as a word without a definition. 

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