i hate this world

4 April, 2004 (00:47) | Ramblings

i don’t understand how people can market this. it’s an insult to human inteligence. however much of that there is.


Adrienne rocks my face off

2 April, 2004 (02:43) | News

The girl never ceases to amaze me.  She, once again, brought a finger eleven show to me.  They are coming to x-fest.  and so is switchfoot.  many more to be announced.  i bought 4 tickets.  so i will see them there and rolling rock town fair.  matchbook romance is coming to Mr smalls too.  lots of great shows coming up, i am going to add them all to the calendar here.  thanks adrienne!!

Personal Update

If i were in australia, would my head spin the other way?

1 April, 2004 (02:23) | Personal Update

If i were in australia, would my head spin the other way?before i get too far…No. I did not drink. Did you really think i would?? I had a really great time though. Always fun with adrienne. I have to say though, ALL aspects of the past 24 hours have been complete new ground for me. ALL.

Mark Sutter, the guitarist for the band at cornerstone is getting married, and is going to stop going to cornerstone, atleast not as much. So, i offered my services, and will make a few appearences in the band. Looking forward to that.

I had a really great day over all. Despite getting to the Greensburg transit station, right as my bus was leaving. So i chilled around greensburg for an extra 2 hours. Which was really quite the benefit. for one, i stopped in professional guitars, and had a really decent convo with a lefty there. walked away with a fender catalog too. That place rocks.

 and 2, i stopped in a gas station to get something to snack on, and when i openned the doors, i heard angels singing, i made my way around the mint/gum section, and low and behold…my certs. awww yeah. i had a dream about them a few weeks ago. I was walking under the belle vernon bridge, and there was this small candy/newspaper stand there, and i asked the guy if he carried my mints, and he said that he didnt have them there, but that he owned another small shop and had them there. He took my email address and said he would send me a box. what a dream. for those of you who don’t know what the crap i am talking about, i am talking about these. They are so perfect, the mints, and the packaging. really, the packaging is where my obsession lies. it is just so convienient, and they don’t rattle in your pocket, and you dont have a bulge in your pocket. Sheer engineering genius. i would like to shake the hand of thet person who thought of this design. Well, these days, the packaging is darn near impossible to come by, i dunno if it didnt sell well or what, but anytime i find them, i buy them. infact, today, i bought 2.

so this saturday is guys night with the cornerstone crew. should be interesting. soulpatch is also playing a show during the day at the church. and basketball in the AM. i really need to start working out. i bought a jump rope when i moved up here, and i havent used it yet. I truly believe that the jump rope is the single best exercise one can do, for anything they want to achieve. second, is boxing. but what do i know right?

well, i am in a writing frenzy tonight, and i want to get it all out of my head and onto paper (read microsoft word).   so i will leave you with a bit of wisdom… Harvard’s finest at work on fruit fly fight club

Top 10

Top 10 reasons why I don’t drink

1 April, 2004 (02:02) | Top 10

10.  I have no idea what is in what, what is called what, and have no desire to learn.

9.  Where alchohol is, usually tobacco (and other substances) usually follow.

8.  I got better things to do with my time.

7.  I don’t want to end up like this guy. (WARNING do not click that link.  Completely disgusting video)
6.  If everyone else can do it, where is the reward in that?  I don’t want to conform.  I dont want to be like everyone else.
5.  I don’t want to puke.
4.  Apparently my grandfather drank alot.  My grandfather committed suicide.
3.  I don’t like the idea of not being in full control of my body, mind, and actions.
2.  I’m Cheap.  And drinks aren’t.

1.  I don’t have anyone to hold my hair back

Thoughts & Ideas

Strong enough for her, but chemically imbalanced for him.

1 April, 2004 (01:47) | Thoughts & Ideas

Here’s a though.  Divorce.  I never really thought much about it until last night as i was waiting for Adrienne to hurl…  A guy and a girl fall in love.  They think they are perfect for each other, and they marry and have kids.  Somewhere along the way, the realize they were wrong.  That either, one, or both have changed, that they were immature at the start, something happens, that makes them separate.  Jump through the legal hoops, yada yada yada, everything is hunky dorry right?  Wrong.

The kids.  They are made from, and only from, parts of the parents.  obviously it isn’t an 50/50 ratio, but a kid is made up of both.  Now when the parents split, what sort of outlook to the future does that give the child?  “Mommy and Daddy can’t live together anymore, but that doesn’t involve you, you’ll be fine.”  Think of the inner struggles a child can go through.  It was easy for the parents to just give up, to split, but what about the kid?  they can’t just leave parts of themselves.  The child is stuck as this chemical makeup, that has been proven to be volatile, or at least unstable.  But instead of separate identities, it is all in one cornucopia we like to call a person.  What did that child do to deserve this constant internal conflict? 

Moral of the story:  Till death do you part.  -or- Stay together for the kids.


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Personal Update

i drank a six pack of apathy.

29 March, 2004 (14:33) | Personal Update

What a drag this weekend was.  Drew bailed, said it was too far to drive.  So i didn’t even bother calling bob.  I had invited Keren and Deirdre in to go to a concert on campus where soulpatch was playing, and they ended up going to Robinson Mall to look for dresses with my mom and chris….crap, i just spilled juice all over my CDs…i knew i kept them in cases for a reason.

sorry, lost my train of thought…cut my hair today.  Next time i go to wally mart i plan on getting some hair treatment stuff, the people have spoken:) 

going to clean my room today.  maybe if i am lucky, i will go for a run too.  see how the day goes.  i got a few people interested in coding for the dragon game, hopefully they will be able to contribute some code.  that is exiting.

Tomorrow is Adrienne’s birthday, and she invited me to go out with her and her friends to celebrate.  I have to catch a Westmoreland bus downtown, but i am going to try and get out.  should be an experience no matter what happens:)  She is turning 21, so I am sure i am up for some bars and drinking and such.  Let’s see how I can handle my own. 🙂

hmmm, pizza is done, i gotta go get it.  Today i leave you with a link that Katherine shared with me.  If you saw the Grey album Jay-Z/beatles mix, then you will love this. http://www.jay-zeezer.com


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