Personal Update

+milck €“ kakao = rockage in my mouth

10 November, 2003 (17:50) | Personal Update

WOO HOO!!! Kim (from Germany) sent me an awesome care package full of german candy!!!!!! total sweetness! i can’t read a darn thing of what i am eating, but it all doesn’t matter cuz it all is sooooo good!

Site Update

topic grafix

9 November, 2003 (12:00) | Site Update

Ok, for all the different types of news that i create, there will be a little graphic representing the topic it falls under, since this is a site update it will have the “web paint” pic——>

other categories so far are news and personal update.

Personal Update


9 November, 2003 (11:24) | Personal Update

last night J’aime, Dan, Mom, and Chris came up and we went out to the Cheese Cellar @ station square then went to G3. G3 was awesome. G3 is Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Yngwie Malmsteen on tour. these three guitarists are crazy. check out a promo clip here.

Going to see a String Quartet today with Adam hre on campus. should be interesting.

not too much else going on yet. more updates to come!

Personal Update

Lots of news today

7 November, 2003 (16:12) | Personal Update

crazy week. work is going well, i only got 2 phone calls in the past 2 weeks, and i get $75 a week, so this new arrangement is working out well *rubs hands with evil grin*

working on a new website with a guy named Pete from Pitt. it is for a youthgroup on campus. i bought the domain name wednesday, the 2:20 comes from Ephesians, where it says that we are church and Jesus will be the Cornerstone. (hey, was taken;))

i am also trying to donate my body to the research of depression:) more on that next week.

saw matrix revolutions in IMAX yesterday with Becky. eh. i can accept it as the final matrix movie ever, it answered all the questions, but it was just so watered down.

Birthday is coming up on the 16th…the big 21. will i drink?? stay tuned….

Personal Update

well then…

31 October, 2003 (18:34) | Personal Update

Well, I got a cell phone, or “handy” as I am going to force myself to call it. let me know if you want the number. still working on this website, and migrating stuff over from the old one. some links are up and some songs in the download section. Be sure to sign the Guestbook!

Site Update

Migration from old site

24 October, 2003 (16:40) | Site Update

Well, it will be a lengthy process, but I am going to move all the cool links and such from the old site. Once everything is onto this site, i will change the url to point to this site, and the old site will be lost forever.

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