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The bloom box

9 July, 2010 (12:00) | Geeked Out

Have you heard about the Bloom Box yet?  Probably not.  It’s been featured on 60 minutes earlier this year, but still is a pretty quiet technology.  It’s a clean energy source that can power the average american home in the size of a gallon of milk. First off, this thing is legit.  This isn’t just […]

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refrigerator efficiency

21 August, 2008 (11:58) | Thoughts & Ideas

Does the amount of food in your refrigerator matter in how much it runs?  Does an empty fridge use less energy because there’s nothing in it to cool?  I guess you can take that further and say does the contents of the fridge make a difference.  Does a fridge full of liquids require more energy […]

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Did you forget to take your meds?

27 April, 2008 (13:25) | Ramblings

heh, so I have been wanting to try some vitamin supplements for a while now, just to see if they help with energy/metabolism.  Get some vitamin b12 in me and see what happens, ya know?  So i go to my local wally world and start looking around at the bottles, and I find the one-a-day […]

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10 women that touched me with their lives in my life the most.

11 February, 2008 (00:05) | Top 10

Through my childhood, throw my teenage years, through my adulthood, and hopefully continuing through my life, I’ve had the privilege of having some amazing women play a part in my life.  I won’t rank them, because they all are very important to me, each for their own reason. Mrs. Sofran – My kindergarten teacher.  She […]

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graphology fraud

2 August, 2007 (13:36) | Memories

When i was a kid, we used to have this awesome conversion van with nice plush seats and what felt like velvet walls and all that.  It was classy.  Being kids, we slowly broke window screens, spilt juice in the cup holders, and just really abused the heck out of it.  We were 6 kids […]

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21 March, 2004 (11:47) | Personal Update

I got inspired to write the past few days, and have a few ideas for novels.  I am going to work on them.  I know i have said that before, but i am going to have some spare time, and it is something i want to do.  I also started working on my material for […]

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