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26 December, 2003 (18:18) | Personal Update

Alright party people, miss me? Just hung out at the apartment for christmas. ate some pizza, watched some movies, cleaned the apartment, cut my own hair…again, and becky came up to exchange gifts:) her rocking self got me a camera! so there should be a bunch of photos in the gallery from your’s truly.

Uncle Jay and Aunt Leslie are in for a bit, gunna hang out with them over the weekend, and hopefully uncle kenny and the family will give me a call too. Trying to catch Return of the King with bob tomaro, and maybe stop by Andy’s for a party. we will see how things go.

i got an email from my old advisor, Carlton, saying that he noticed i hadn’t done too well this semester, and wanted to know if i wanted to set up an appt. with him. I did. He rocks, my CS advisor blows hard, and i am going to change my major. Carlton says business isnt a good idea for me, since credits i have wont count for my major in business. So right now, i am thinking Philosophy, Communications, or some sort of English. probably in that order too.

i have been working my butt of over break. i should get a nice paycheck come end of january. Pitt sucks becuase we get paid once a month, at the end of the month, for the previous month. but oh well.

i have been working with Sil to get the site fully functional, and i think it is coming around. I just learned that the shoutbox was still being pulled from my server, and i am at work, and i cant change that from here, but it will be back later on. Still havent figured out the recent movies block. Kim Jenko pointed out that the high scores weren’t working, but those are fixed now, and if you see anything else buggy, let me know!