Daddy Log

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Thoughts and logs of being a dad


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I have some truly strange and vivid dreams. Sometimes, I'm even inspired by them.



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Just random information or instructions on how to do things.

Geeked Out

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There are some really awesome things out there that people do. These are things that you should know about or that I think is worth sharing.

Hall's Rules of Social Order

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I wasn't made for this world. I know that now, and these are the rules that I've learned to live by because they're the only way I can make sense of it all.

House Ideas

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I want to design and build a house of my own one day. It will reflect my creativity and love for function.

LEGO© Creations

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This will be a collection of all the LEGO creations I've made over the years.

Life Long Goals

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We should all have goals. Without goals, we're just running around in circles until someone pulls us out of the game.

Little Things

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Sometimes, I just have to smile.

Memorable Quotes

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Quotes are awesome.


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This blog is about me. Memories are what connect me to the past, and hopefully, maybe, it will connect the future to me as well.

Personal Update

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This originally was used for what I ate for breakfast and how depressed I was. REAL interesting stuff, I swear. Now it will be used for more of reflection and introspection.


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Born and raised in da burgh. Well, close to it anyway. It's where I call home for now, so may as well tell you a bit about it.

Poll the People

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Really pressing and important questions that need your input!


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I've got a lot to say. Sometimes, I don't know which topic it falls under, and sometimes I just want to post it without spending time categorizing it!


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A review of anything I'm doing or seeing. Movies, music, concerts, trips, hotels, whatever.

Thoughts & Ideas

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I think a lot. Sometimes, over thinking things that aren't even normal to think about. These are ideas i've had, practical or not.

Top 10

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I like lists. I like seeing things ranked and organized. This is a collection of those lists.

Wax Poetic

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Poetry is fun hobby and form of expression. I've written a few things that I felt were worthy of being shared here.