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Merry holidays

22 December, 2003 (16:51) | Personal Update

[yawn] my oh my, this weekend was full of exitement! I am so tired, and i slept so much today. so let’s see, Saturday i woke up about 12, went to the mall to get some shopping done, then i drove Keren and Deirdre around for their Christmas dance pregame events:) Deirdre took a kid that she went to 1st grade with, and has just recently met again, and Keren took a new found friend from school. Keren’s date was a pretty quiet and reserved guy, but he was alright. Deirdre’s date was a little more upbeat and with a moptop that Rooney would be jealous of. After driving them around for a bit, the rest of us played some Scene it? at home, pretty interesting game. then it was off to bed before Church on Sunday where Keren, Chris, and Deirdre did did a song together, it was pretty good. Then we openned presents, and ate some dinner, and my mom, Chris, and I went to see Deirdre in her chorus/choir/youth group thing. Saw some blasts from the past there. And that was pretty much my weekend. Now i am back at work all this week except Thursday.

Jeff, my boss, emailed me and said that Dec. 29th, we are putting an ad in the Senior Coalition’s magazine, which has a subscriber base of 520,000. So there should definitely be a call volume for me New Year’s Eve. Joy 🙁 but atleast we are getting some customers and I will be making some money.

I probably won’t be able to afford to keep the car in a few months. so back to the public transportation system for me. That was a luxury though, I should be able to manage with out it.


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