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11 December, 2003 (01:18) | Personal Update

I just got done watching the movie Love, Actually. What a beautiful movie! It is about the agony of love, and the many faces it has. Wonderful.

and something i am really exited about. So now i have another title. Don’t ask me where that title came from though, i have no clue.:) Guess that is what they call people that carry around a cell phone. I am so glad to be a part of that. Great people at Touchtown.

I am wondering if i don’t provide enough “nitty gritty” of the “ins and outs” of Josh Hall in my updates. Do you guys find them at all interesting? I usually just say “this is what i did today, this is how i feel about it” but maybe i should let you get into my head more, and just write down anything and everything i am thinking. making this more of a blog.

So i am done with this semester. I really suck with college, i am going to change my major to something to do with business and see how that goes. I hate computer science with a passion.

I went to the last cornerstone of this semester, and had a great time, it was really relaxed. Afterwards, i went out and played pool with my new friend Chris:) he is really outgoing, and he is a leader, like i will be doing starting this coming semester. I am really looking forward to it. There are retreats and stuff we get to go on. The first one being Jan 2-4, where just the leaders go. And the best part of it is that it is FREE! I am really hoping to make some lasting friendships there.

Billy Talent is playing tomorrow at Nick’s Fat City, and i convinced Becky to go down with me. I am so pumped. And get this, Matchbook Romance is playing next tuesday! I am so there! What a time to be alive! and i feel like it too! My mood has been so great, i never want it to stop! but alas, i have to stop typing, this is becoming quite the novel! Talk to me people! and talk to everyone else here too! I want this to be a place where i can spend with all of you. register if you haven’t! And thank you all for making me feel so happy.


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