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top 10 girls i had a crush on before i turned 16

17 December, 2003 (18:36) | Top 10

10. Tatyana M Ali
9. Jodie Sweetin
8. Jessica Wishner
7. Lila McCann
6. Sara Pagliari
5. Marta from Camp Echoing Hills
4. Rebecca Scrip
3. Leann Rimes…sigh, she married the wrong guy. She just couldn’t wait for me:(
2. Jewel…Don’t ask me what she thinks she is making now, cuz it surely isn’t music.
1. Alicia Silverstone …Ok, this one is still, very active:)

Doing that search, i came upon photos of tatyana and the late jonathon brandis. i forgot all about those two. I wonder if she went to the funeral?